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Cohort-3 Exploring Web3 Acceleration Program

Cohort-3 Exploring Web3 Acceleration Program


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TDeFi announces the Cohort-3 of “Exploring Web3” Acceleration Program in collaboration with DMCC and Elysium Chain as Blockchain Partner. The top 3 projects stand to win $150K worth of investments from Elysium Chain. 


TDeFi is a web3 incubator and consulting firm dedicated to promoting the adoption of web3 technologies. We aim to remove barriers hindering web3 adoption by offering access to renowned mentors, token engineering, token management, community growth assistance, exchange listings, investor connections, and growth hacking partnerships.

Since 2020, TDeFi has successfully guided 55+ companies through the token markets. Several of our portfolio companies have achieved market capitalisation exceeding one billion dollars.

Our vision for TDeFi is to establish it as a gateway to an ecosystem that empowers web3 projects aligned with the vision of equitable distribution of wealth for the masses.

TDeFi operates within the broader infrastructure of TradeDog Group, which includes TDVC (the venture capital arm), TDMM (a market maker), TDX (a crowdfunding and engagement platform), TDR (a research firm), and BizThon (a hackathon platform focused on web3 innovations).


Acceleration in Real Sense

Workshops With Experts
Our Accelerator offers a full suite of web3-specific resources for founders. The best in-class mentors will share their valuable knowledge to help you see through their experience.

Connect With Blockchain Leaders
In lines with the quote, "Your network is your net worth”, we make sure that startups are able to interact with their peer founders and mentors, providing them with the nurturing ecosystem where they can build value-driven relationships.

Alumni Club
It is not just an Acceleration program, it's a longevity engagement with TDeFi and its accelerated companies.

Demo Day
The program culminates with powerful presentations by the participating startups on the Demo Day. This provides them a chance to pitch to the network of Funds, VCs and Partners and serve as a launchpad to kick start the Fundraise sprint.

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